I want you to come home to me
I want that after a long day of doing nothing
When you feel sad, lonely or scared…
That I could be the one to comfort you
To tell you that everything will be okay.
I know how much you hate affectionate things and Love it is okay.
It is okay because if you were to come home to me and Kid
He’d show you more affection than I ever could
And as much as I’d want to be him, I’d understand
Because that’s what dogs are for, right?

I want to be the one you spend your days with
I want to be the one you share your thoughts with
I want to be the one on those days you feel like
This world is too big to live in
Or too small to even breathe
That in my arms you’ll find solace
That with me you’ll be at peace.

Look, I want to be your all
I want to be the one you share a laugh with
I want to be with you, even if it means doing nothing
Just being by your side, to feel your breath
To hear your heart beat
To randomly show you how much you mean to me
Because you mean more than words could ever describe

Look I know that not every day will be roses and petals
I know that on some days you’d want to be alone
And I know that there’ll be times when you feel like bursting
Into a million balls of fire
And Love, it would be a privilege for you to let it all out on me
Because not only do I want to be around for smooth sailing
But I also want to be there on your dark days
I want to be there through everything
I want to live every moment with you
Good and bad, I want to experience it all
And I want to experience it all with you.