Musings Of The Girl


September 2015


Let’s not define things.
Let’s be nothing to each other.
Defining things will only complicate everything.
You don’t like attachments because let’s face
it, it never ends well, right?
And so do i
I hate not knowing how tomorrow might be
Hence I don’t have much hope for the future
Being in hope for anything scares the life out of me.

You know what I like and dislike and so do I about you.
I know your favorite color and ice cream flavor
I know you have a good ear for music.
I know you don’t really like to talk about how sad you are
But you’re ever ready to lend an ear when needed
See I know all there is to know
And honey, that is enough for me

I want to know how you slept last night
I want to know what you dreamt about
Even though you tend to forget at times
I want to be the first person
You want to tell how your day was to
And yes, we’ll still be Nothing to each other

See being Nothing with you
Doesn’t mean I care any less about you
In fact if anything, I care about you more than I probably should
And this too scares me
Because there’s a possibility that you don’t feel the same way as I do
But if you do, it’s fine
Just don’t tell me about it

Just be there when I need you and so will I
Call me in the middle of the night
When you’re short of sleep
And yes, as much as I love to sleep
I’ll listen to you regardless

See what I think is…
This way, nobody gets hurt in the process.
We’ll both be happy nothings to each other
Who are comfortable enough to share things with each other
That we wouldn’t share with anyone else.
So, are you game?
Will you be my Nothing?




Tell me the story of you.
The story of your deepest thoughts and saddest moments.
I want you to tell me what makes you cry so hard you feel like your life is being sucked out of you.
Tell me of the many times you’ve had your heart broken because of how genuine you love.

What keeps you up at night?
Do you stay up thinking about what went wrong in your life?
About missed opportunities and how you’d change certain things should you even for a second go back in time?
Or do you just love how comfortable darkness is?
How untouched and untainted it really is?
Do you love the stars and the moon?
Do you love how they totally transform your mood in a matter of seconds?
How they make you miss places you’ve never been to and people you’ve never met?
Or wait- do you actually hate them?
Do you think that they’re a waste of space in our galaxy?
That the sky is infact more beautiful when there’s only few of them shining?

Honey, I want you to tell me what makes you happy.
What makes you laugh so hard that your eyes tear up at how uncontrollable your laughter gets.
Do you run in the rain?
Do you love how it washes away all the pain and burdens you carry?
How it makes you feel like…a kid again?
Tell me about your favorite season and how it gives you hope for the future
Hope that all will be well, that all you have to be is a little more patient.

What’s your favorite song?
Does it mend your heart each time you listen to it?
Does it make you feel alive?
Does it make you feel… At home?

Lover, of all the things you could tell me
I need to know how much you love yourself
I need to know how beautiful you see yourself as
Because honestly, I’d hate to be the only one seeing the beauty that you are.


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