If you are reading this it means that you made it to 2015 and you should be grateful.

I for one am grateful for having made it out alive and healthy . For me 2014 wasn’t all bad hey, in fact it was one of my best years of life yet.
I thank the man upstairs for his continued love and care that even when I was undeserving of his mercies, he was there for me.
A lot happened in this past year, some of which I’d like to leave behind. As for those great moments…man I wish that they could be doubled this year hey. 🙂

Now this is it. Today [01.01.2015] marks the beginning of a new journey for all of us. One of which we are all given the same time and endless opportunities to go about it.
We’re all given a clean slate to rewrite our life stories. Whether yours has a happy or sad ending is up to you.
Personally, I foresee nothing but pure greatness nje. As it is right now, my year’s already started off on the right note. I pray that this energy follows me till the end.
I pray that God protects my family and all my loved ones. I pray for pure and abundant happiness and guidance through the year.

While many are on the “new year, new me” tip, I’m outchea with the “new year, same old me like you’ve never seen before” tip. For me all that’s there to do is find that part of me that glows more and work with it.

2015 is nothing but a new book with blank pages, let’s write a bestseller. :*