My friends and I took a trip to Botswana today. It was my second trip up there and it was quite a journey hey.

Going from Kanye to Gaborone really brought some memories I thought I’d buried long ago. It reminded me of the trips I used to take with my dad when I was a little girl. Everything about the place-the way it’s so far from everybody and everything, the mountains…..just everything about it.

Seeing the place took me back to times good and bad. The good times when my father was there when I needed him,when he was my pillar of strength. To the times when no one in this world, not even my mum,compared to him.
And then I forced to cut my trip dowm memory lane short when reality hit me hard at the fact that it’s all gone. That all I have left are trips like this to help me remember the good times I had with him. To help me forget about how he left me without saying a proper goodbye to me. About how stupid I felt for putting all my trust in him all those years only for him to  leave me for another woman. For some time there I resented him. I didn’t want him in my life because of the empty promises he made after leaving me.”I will always call you… this and that. Be this be that for you.”
Mxxxm and then in return he doesn’t deliver. How could he?? 😥

But then I thank God for this trip in particular. Without it I wouldn’t have been able to go back to these events that took place in my life. I wouldn’t have felt the hurt and smiled at the good moments we had together. I can’t keep on hating him forever.  So to free my heart, I will let it all go.

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