I think of you more than I probably should I’m still learning not to It’s just hard when that’s how My mind’s become wired over time I can’t possibly do anything without Wanting to share it with you. I talk about you a lot I talk to strangers about you They can’t know anything about […]

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Untitled 02

Write me home I’m not sure where home is right now but I’m homesick I’ve made homes out of people and when they leave me I’m left stranded and without course And yes, I’ve been warned against it But you know we get carried away sometimes…Love. Write me a letter about how it feels like […]

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With You

I want you to come home to me I want that after a long day of doing nothing When you feel sad, lonely or scared… That I could be the one to comfort you To tell you that everything will be okay. I know how much you hate affectionate things and Love it is okay. […]

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Let’s not define things. Let’s be nothing to each other. Defining things will only complicate everything. You don’t like attachments because let’s face it, it never ends well, right? And so do i I hate not knowing how tomorrow might be Hence I don’t have much hope for the future Being in hope for anything […]

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Tell me the story of you. The story of your deepest thoughts and saddest moments. I want you to tell me what makes you cry so hard you feel like your life is being sucked out of you. Tell me of the many times you’ve had your heart broken because of how genuine you love. […]

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When I’m all  alone facing my demons silently there Hiding from the rest of them Emotions so heavy that punching walls,biting myself and even failing to breathe does not take the pain away It instead proves me weak and worthless,just as i usually feel The one question on my mind is WHY?? Why did he […]

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Hello 2015

If you are reading this it means that you made it to 2015 and you should be grateful. I for one am grateful for having made it out alive and healthy . For me 2014 wasn’t all bad hey, in fact it was one of my best years of life yet. I thank the man […]

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